News Live 365: May 2nd and 3rd, 2019

Lancaster County Sports Dr. Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape

Office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro
A Lancaster County sports medicine doctor has been charged with sexual assault offenses against four minors. William Vollmar was employed by Diamantoni and Associates Family Practice in Lancaster County for 27 years and had contracts for sports medicine with the PIAA and multiple schools in that region. He’s being accused of using his medical practice as a means to sexually assault patients.


PA Health Secretary to Focus on Youth Violence

Radio PA
Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, wants her department to put a greater focus on youth violence as an emerging health problem. According to Dr. Levine incidents of youth violence including bullying is a cause of physical injuries, but also of mental health issues, and eating disorders that could have repercussions into adulthood.


Finance Courses May Join School Curriculum

Radio PA
In the General Assembly the House Committee on Education advanced a bill to add financial courses to graduation requirements in High School. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rosemary Brown wants High School Students grades 9 through 12 to take finance related courses to meet graduation requirements.


Career Fair in Crawford County Next Week

The 2019 Crawford County Career Fair next is Tuesday, May the 7th, in Meadville at the Active Aging Foundation. The job fair begins at 11AM with a special session for veterans and the disabled and is open to the general public from noon until 3:30PM. The Crawford County Career Fair is in partnership with PA Careerlink, the Department of Labor and Industry, and Forever Media. If you have questions you can call (814)853-0917.


Shapiro Files Appeal to Spanier Case

Office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro
In State News, the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is filing an appeal in Federal Court after a judge overturned the sentencing and conviction of former PSU President Graham Spanier. Spanier was president of the university at the time assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing children on campus. He was convicted of Child Endangerment in 2017 under new laws and his conviction was overturned by a federal judge who ordered Pennsylvania to retry him under the laws as written at the time of the crimes he was convicted of.


Large Meth Bust in Hydetown

Pennsylvania State Police Troop E
The Vice Unit of the Pennsylvania State Police is reporting the seizure of over 2 pounds of methamphetamine and several firearms from an apartment building in Hydetown. 27 year old Kevin Kerr was arrested by state troopers on April 25th and found in possession of the drugs as well as two handguns and a sawed off shotgun.


Assault in Jail Required Police Response

PSP Meadville
State Police in Crawford County responded to a scene in Crawford County Jail after an inmate allegedly attacked and injured another. Brandon McWilliams is accused of attacking fellow inmate Richard Slockbower in the A-Pod of Crawford County Jail on Wednesday.


PA Posts $800 Million Plus Surplus So Far

Radio PA
Republicans and Democrats alike are claiming credit for their party after the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue reported that there is an $828 million surplus in tax revenue for the  2018-2019 fiscal year. Republicans are saying that its the fiscal responsibility promoted by their majorities in the General Assembly. Democrats credit Governor Tom Wolf’s administration but caution that one year of budget surplus does not mean that the state’s revenue picture is healthy or sustainable.