News Live 365: April 10th, 2019

Franklin PD Investigating Assault Disguised as Hit and Run

City of Franklin Police Department
The City of Franklin Police Department stated in a press release that an incident reported as a hit and run on Monday was actually an assault. An investigation by FPD uncovered that the victim, described only as a juvenile female, was lying to cover up the truth out of fear of retribution from her abuser. An investigation is still ongoing.


Marcy’s Law Amendment Passes House

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
The Pennsylvania Victims Bill of Rights, also known as Marcy’s Law, was approved in the State House yesterday. Marcy’s Law is an attempt to amend the Pennsylvania State Constitution to include language that enshrines the rights of crime victims to be present at court hearings, be heard at all plea and sentencing hearings for the accused, and to be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. The Victim’s Bill of Rights must pass the State Senate and then a referendum vote by the residents of Pennsylvania to become an amendment. Pennsylvania is one of only nine states that do not have statutory rights for victims in its constitution.


Pittsburgh Mayor Signs Gun Laws

Radio PA
In the City of Pittsburgh its expected that a major legal battle is about to take place after Mayor Bill Peduto signed four bills regulating firearms yesterday. The four new laws follow in the wake of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue and ban the use of certain types of firearms, accessories, and ammunition within city limits. It’s expected to be challenged State Court by guns rights groups who say Pennsylvania law does not allow towns and cities to pass gun legislation.


Act 79 Effective Today

Radio PA
In more gun related news Act 79 comes into effect today. The first state law involving weapons in more than a decade, Act 79 requires anyone served a protection from abuse order to turn any firearms they possess in to authorities within 24 hours of court approval. Act 79 was signed in October last year after passing with strong support from both parties in the General Assembly.