News Live 365: March 4th, 2018

Boy Arrested for Stealing Mother’s Car

PSP Meadville
A 15 year old boy from Springboro is now facing charges of Theft of a Motor Vehicle after taking his mother’s car out for a late night drive and hitting a deer. It was after midnight on saturday when the boy picked up two girls in Linesville and drove them to Titusville, hitting the deer along the way. The car was drivable so he finished the trip and returned home by 4am and was reported to police after he admitted taking the car.


Clarion Troopers Warn Residents About Scammer

PSP Clarion
The Clarion State Police are asking people to report if they received any phone calls from the number (876)599-3176. The number is used by a known scammer who has fleeced some Clarion County residents.


Digital Privacy Bill Allows Inheriting Digital Property

Radio PA
A new Digital Privacy Bill proposed in State Government could allow PA Residents to bequeath their digital property as part of their estate when they pass. If passed it would allow for the deceased or their fiduciary agent to bequeath digital property such as photographs, music, and books that exist solely online to an heir.