News Live 365: February 19th, 2019

Solar Power Cooperative Growing in Area

United Solar Neighbors
A co-op in Crawford and Mercer Counties seeks to bring affordable solar power to local homes and businesses. The Crawford-Mercer Solar Co-Op is a joint effort by United Solar Neighbors, Common Roots, the IEO, and the Borough of Cambridge Springs to help home and business owners invest in personal solar power for their properties. The 22 member cooperative is free to join and will be holding a public information session at Voodoo Brewery in Meadville on March 13th.


PA Fiscal Office Reviews Job Creator Tax Credits

Radio PA
In State News Pennsylvania’s Independent Fiscal Office is questioning the validity of the commonwealth’s job creation tax credits. According to Matthew Knittel the program has overall had a negative return on the state’s investment while having dubious impact on job creation.


“Red Flag” Bill Could Empower Judges to Confiscate Weapons

Radio PA
The Pennsylvania State Senate is set to debate a Red Flag Bill, which could empower authorities to temporarily confiscate the weapons of anyone exhibiting certain “red flag behaviors.” SB 90 would allow law enforcement, family, or members of someone’s household to petition a judge to issue an order that temporarily confiscate firearms and other weapons if the individual in question is found dangerous.