News Live 365: February 12th, 2019

DUI Charges for Man Driving Against Traffic

City of Franklin Police
An Eau Claire man was arrested in Franklin for DUI after nearly causing several traffic accidents. The City of Franklin Police Department says that 56 year old David Stewart was driving head on into traffic on Liberty Street when he was pulled over by an officer. Stewart has been charged with DUI after being evaluated at Franklin Police Station for signs of impairment.


Man Caught Eating Drugs During Traffic Stop

PSP Meadville
An unnamed 28 year old Sharpsville man was arrested by State Police when he was caught attempting to ingest a controlled substance to avoid being caught with it. It’s alleged that the driver was trying to destroy evidence by ingesting his stash of Marijuana as troopers approached his car. He’s charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.


Squirrel Hill Shooter Charged with 19 More Crimes, Plea Deal Offer

In State News: Defense Attorneys for the accused Tree of Life Synagogue Shooter Robert Bower say they are willing to explore a plea deal to avoid a death sentence. Yesterday 19 more charges were levied against Bowers for violating the Hate Crimes Act. US Attorney Scott Brady who is prosecuting the trial said there will be no deals.