Reno’s Rant: Super Blah LIII

Dynasties are easy these days when you have a history of cheating, the league protects your QB and said league makes sure questionable calls benefit your team in big games before they change the rules. It’s so simple!

No congratulations here for the Pats. Sour grapes you may say? You bet your sweet ask me no more questions! Belichick is a great coach and Brady is a great QB but all of that is marred when you have a history of cheating, that the league/commissioner turns a blind eye to. G.O.A.T? Save that argument for Chris Jericho but don’t waste your breath on me when it comes to Brady, Belichick and the Pats.

And what the hell! Maroon 5 featuring Jabroni #1 and Jabroni #2 sucked! How about Metallica, GNR or the Foo Fighters next year for the half time show. Those are half time shows that will not lack for energy!!!

Ok Pittsburgh, just like when San Fran and Dallas matched your four and took it to five rings, it’s gut check time. Rooney’s, Tomln, Big Ben, offense, defense….it’s time for 7! Time to reassert yourselves as the cream of the crop! Separate the wheat from the chaff, the individuals from the team, the winners from that stat padders. Time to be the hungry, junk yard dog mean, Pittsburgh freakin’ Steelers!

Now that football is finished for awhile, we can now focus on what really matters most, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey! Go Pens!

Unitl next time…Cheers,