News Live 365: January 10th, 2019

Teamster Killed in Rollover

PSP Franklin
A tractor trailer driver is dead after crashing on Interstate 80 in Venango County. Christopher Hampton of Burnham PA was driving east along the interstate through Scrubgrass Township when he crashed through a guard rail and drove into some trees along an embankment, rolling the truck onto its passenger side. Hampton was declared dead at the scene by Venango County Coroner Christina Rugh.


Edinboro Seeks Nominees for Humanitarian Awards

Edinboro University
Edinboro University is seeking nominations for their two humanitarian awards. The Dr. Martin Luther King Award Jr. Award is for non-university students and the Dr. Joseph Laythe Award is for current students of the university. Any student, staff member, or community resident can offer a nomination for the rewards by February 11th and nominees will be judged on multiple criteria.


Tamaqua Schools Debate Suspending Arming Teachers

Radio PA
Tamaqua Area School District is now faced with two lawsuits over their policy of arming teachers and is considering suspending its implementation until it has its hearing in court. The school board will vote about the fate of its policy next Tuesday.


Possible Assault of Elder Care Patient Investigated

PSP Franklin
Authorities are investigating the case of 70 year old Phyllis Esposito who is a patient at a care home in Polk. Phyllis is a quadriplegic woman who cannot speak and was found to have broken bones and a lacerated liver during an examination by a physician. No incident likely to cause such severe injuries was reported by staff at the home and it’s being investigated by the state police.


Man Unscathed After Rollover Crash on Icy Roads

PSP Clarion
Patrick Kline of Tionesta survived a rollover crash without injury in Clarion County. He lost control of his Ford Taurus while traveling along Route 66 in Paint Township Wednesday afternoon and ended up trapped upside down in a ditch but suffered no injuries.


Lawmakers Seek Increase in Sex Trafficking Penalties

Radio PA
New bills in the Pennsylvania House and Senate seek to increase the penalty for anyone who patronizes sex workers who are victims of human trafficking. If made law the bills would double the penalties already faced for the crime to up to 20 years in prison. It also includes a fine of up to $30,000.