News Live 365: December 28th, 2018

DUI Task Forces on Patrol for New Year’s Weekend

Cambridge Springs Police Department, PSP Meadville, Radio PA

DUI Task Forces will be active all across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for New Year’s Weekend to help keep the roads safe for commuters and holiday travelers. The holiday season is a not only a time of merry celebrations but it is also the single most dangerous time of the year for drunk driving. Over Christmas weekend 6 lives were lost in DUI related crashes statewide and there were 54 reportable crashes involving alcohol. One of those crashes was a Saegertown man named Jeremy Hubert who may have injured his neck when he rolled his car onto its side after leaving the road and driving 40 yards through a grassy field.


Clean Slate Law Gearing Up

News Service via Keystone State News Connection
Pennsylvania’s new Clean Slate Law came into effect on the day after Christmas and the first phases of the law are being carried out. Anyone convicted of certain crimes; like first degree misdemeanors; and has had no other convictions for at least 10 years can now apply to have their records sealed so that their offenses only appear in federal background checks. Some minor offenses will automatically by sealed by the state by the end of June 2019.