News Live 365: December 21st, 2018

Man Stocked with Guns and Drugs During Arrest

PSP Meadville
State Police Troopers from Meadville arrested Dane Parsons earlier this week and charged him with Terroristic Threats and drug possession. The 20 year old allegedly used a handgun to fire a total of five shots at a pair of victims shortly after midnight on Tuesday. The location from which he did his shooting was littered with drugs and firearms.


State News: Pediatrician Pleas Guilty to Child Sexual Assault

Office of PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro
71 year old pediatric Dr. Johnnie Barto pleaded guilty to charges related to the sexual assault of dozens of minors while he practiced medicine in Cambria County. He admitted that there were at least 29 victims including members of his own family when he entered his guilty plea to multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault. Barto will serve prison time and has been stripped of his medical license; he is also going to be evaluated for the sex offender registry.


PA General Assembly Debates Healthcare Laws in 2019

Radio PA
Two new bills in the State Senate seek to turn some Obamacare provisions into State Laws. One bill seeks to enumerate insurance policies for people with pre-existing conditions and the other would codify smaller provisions such as allowing children as old as 26 to stay on their parent’s policies.