News Live 365: December 11th, 2018

Open Enrollment for Insurance Nearly Over

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman reminds residents that open enrollment for insurance policies at is over by the end of this week, Saturday October 15th. About 40,000 less people have purchased insurance for themselves and their families than during the 2017 enrollment period and is for the most part attributed to a lack of a tax penalty for failing to carry insurance under the ACA.


Anti-Semitic Messages Found Around Pittsburgh

In the city of Pittsburgh authorities are investigating the appearance of anti-semitic materials appearing in Jewish neighborhoods around the city. One of the areas they’ve been found in is the Squirrel Hill neighborhood where 11 people were murdered by a gunman in The Tree of Life synagogue in October.


Ageing Water Pipes Hold Back PA Infrastructure Grades

The American Society for Civil Engineers has issued its infrastructure report card for 2018 and scored Pennsylvania an overall C- with most of the lowest scores given to water infrastructure that was rated a D. The report outlined that much of the State’s infrastructure for sewage and drinking water is between 70 and 100 years old and surpasses its intended usable life by decades.