November Safety Awareness: Gun Safety

Hi this is Sgt. Trenga with the Meadville City Police Department bringing you this month’s safety awareness announcement.

Gun control is a topic in America. Regardless of your view on gun possession, we have the responsibility to reach gun safety to our children.

Did you know that guns are present in almost half of American homes? Children as young as 3 years old possess the finger strength to pull a trigger.

Gun safety begins in the home.

Guns should be locked in a gun safe. Hiding guns is simply not enough as most shooting accidents occur in the home. Gun safes are an excellent way to secure firearms from curious hands. Even if you don’t possess a gun in your home, your relatives, friends, and neighbors may.

Parents, talk to your children about the reasons why guns are stored away. Discuss how real guns are different than on TV and in video games. Teach children that they should assume that every gun is loaded. If a child encounters a gun, they should follow these three rules: leave it alone, leave the area, let an adult know.

Gun safety is everyone’s job.