News Live 365: November 7th, 2018

Election Results for 2018

Voter turnout was much higher than usual for yesterday’s midterm elections and after the votes have been tabulated here are some of the results. In the race for Governor Tom Wolf garnered 17% more of the vote than his opponent and won a second term with his new Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Senator Robert Casey was elected to a third term in his race against Lou Barletta. In Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District Incumbent Republican Glenn Thompson had a commanding lead against Susan Boser at days end. In the 16th District Democrat Ron DiNicola lead in the poles until Lawrence County reported, Republican incumbent Mike Kelly won by a narrow margin. Republicans kept their majority in the PA General Assembly and the United States Senate while the United States House of Representatives is now home to a Democratic majority.


Police Seek Stolen Car

PSP Meadville
The Pennsylvania State Police are searching for a white 2010 Chevrolet Malibu with license plate HHY-5558. The car was stolen from a private garage between 10PM Sunday night and 5AM Monday morning. If you have seen this stolen vehicle please call the Meadville State Police at (814)332-6911.


New Traffic Signals First of their Kind in NWPA

New traffic signals with flashing yellow arrows are being installed at certain intersections within Meadville City Limits. Traffic studies around the nation show these signals reduce left turn traffic accidents by as much at 20%. With these new signals a green arrow indicates you are free to make a left turn, a yellow arrow means yield to pedestrians and incoming traffic, a flashing yellow arrow warns those planning to make a turn that they need to stop at the intersection and wait, and a red arrow means do not turn. The new signals are expected to be in operation by Thursday November 15th.