News Live 365: October 23rd, 2018

Horse Shot While Owner Hunting

PSP Corry
The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the shooting of an Amish man’s horse while it was tied to a tree along Grade Road in Crawford County’s Sparta Township. 24 year old Mark Miller left his horse and buggy at a supposedly safe spot by the roadside and tied his horse off to a tree. While he was away somebody shot his horse. The crime happened between 4PM and 7PM on Friday October 19th and anyone with information is asked to please call The Corry State Police at (814)663-2043.


Woman Injured by Deer Hitting Car

PSP Franklin
It’s an uncommon occurrence but it does happen, someone suffered an injury when they hit a deer with their car. 34 year old Emily McWilliams of Venus had glass from her windshield pushed into her face and mouth when a deer rushed out into her path along Route 157 while she was traveling toward Oil City. She was taken to UPMC Northwest for treatment.


Thousands buy Tickets For Record Lottery Jackpot

Radio PA
On the eve of the largest lottery jackpot in history ticket sales for the Mega Millions game are reported to be as frequent as 4,000 tickets per minute in the State of Pennsylvania. Tonight’s jackpot exceeds $1.5 Billion and will be drawn at 11PM tonight.


Woman Charged with Assault after Hitting Man with Car

PSP Corry
Teresa Kinney of Titusville faces charges of Simple Assault, Harassment, and reckless Endangerment after allegedly hitting someone with her car during an argument. According to authorities Kinney was arguing with another person at her home and attempting to leave in her vehicle. When she tried to pull out she struck the victim with her vehicle and knocked them down which injured their leg. She was arrested later after she returned home to the scene.


Aggressive Scammers Threaten Crawford County Residents

PSP Meadville
A new and aggressive phone scam has been reported by police in Crawford County. Two actors posing as employees of an ambulance company are calling people and making claims that a relative was in an accident but they can’t transport them unless they get paid up front. If the are turned down they become aggressive and threaten to hurt the supposed relative if they aren’t paid.


Massive Drug Bust in Pittsburgh Area

Office of Attorney General Mike Shapiro
In state news Pennsylvania’s Attorney general announced the arrests of 51 individuals suspected of selling heroin and other drugs in Allegheny County. The operation took place over the course of the month and involved cooperation between the attorney general and the McKees Rocks and the Stowe Township Police Departments.