News Live 365: September 11th, 2018

Scrap Truck Causes Dozens of Flat Tires When Load Leaks

PSP Franklin, Warren, and New Castle
If your vehicle was disabled yesterday by a flat tire in Warren, Mercer, Venango, or Lawrence County listen closely to this broadcast. State Police are reporting that a truck carrying a load of scrap metal from the town of Warren to New Castle began losing its load on the road at some point during its trip and potentially disabled more than 100 vehicles with flat tires. The truck took a route southward from Warren along US Route 62 South, US Route 6 West, State Route 227 South, State Route 8 South, Interstate 80 West, Interstate 79 South, and US Route 422 west. 
If you had a flat tire along the previous route then please contact McClymond’s Supply and Transit Company Incorporated at their main office by calling 724-368-8040 and asking for Clint Hancox. Or write Clint Hancox at McClymond’s Supply and Transit Company Incorporated, 296 Currie Road, Portersville PA 16051.


Man Avoids Injuries in Cow vs Jeep Crash

PSP Corry
A Centerville man is uninjured after a collision with a cow. John Roberson was traveling through Crawford County’s Rome Township along Reck’s Road when a brown and white beef cow wandered out of a wooded area of a cow pen and into the road directly in front of his jeep. John was unable to avoid the cow and ended up striking it and exiting the roadway. No word from State Troopers about the condition of the cow.


Edinboro University Program Ranked Among Best in US

Edinboro University
Edinboro University’s Master’s Degree program for Social Work has been ranked as one of the 50 best in the United States. Best MSW Programs is an independent organization that tracks online and on campus programs for social work degrees and ranked Edinboro at Number 20 on their list.

Trump Visits PA on 17th Anniversary of 9-11

Radio PA
Today is the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on The World Trade Center in new York City and the Pentagon in Washington DC. During this national day of mourning President Donald Trump will be making remarks today at the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County. He is speaking at the base of the Tower of Voices which was completed on Sunday.