News Live 365: August 24th, 2018

Police Investigate Bank Card Theft

PSP Franklin
A 59 year old Oil City man had his new bank card and pin number stolen from his mailbox and the culprit has used his card to make cash withdrawals. The suspect is believed to be a white male but is obscuring their identity by wearing a dark colored hoodie while they use local ATMs. Anyone who might have information on the suspect’s identity should call the Franklin State Police at (814)676-6596.


Wanted: Justin Harris

PSP Clarion
State Police in Clarion County are searching for Justin Harris of Clarion. Harris is accused of choking and body slamming a 21 year old woman at the Corcetti Apartments complex and left the scene before police could arrive. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Justin Harris please call (814)226-1710.


Pennsylvania Prisons Getting Upgrades

Radio PA
After staff members in three state prisons, including SCI Mercer, were sickened by an unknown substance new safety measures are being taken to protect guards and administrators. The PA Department of Corrections is going to begin providing protective clothing, respirators, and new hazardous materials training. Since the substance was likely an illegal drug; full body scanners will be installed in prisons to prevent smuggling.