News Live 365: July 27th, 2018

Wanted Fugitive Killed by Illinois Police Officers

PSP Meadville
The Manhunt for Kenneth Martell came to a sudden and violent end two states west of where it began. Martell was shot and killed by police officers in Lake County Illinois more than 470 miles from the location where he killed 88 year old Theodore Carver in Springboro. His remains were positively identified a few hours after he was killed in an armed conflict with two members of a local police force.

Harrisville Man Arrested for Strangling Woman

PSP Franklin
Patrick Lindsay Junior of Harrisville was arrested yesterday by State Police and charged with Strangulation and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. It’s alleged that Lindsay attacked a 22 year old woman and began choking her to the point of unconsciousness until he was restrained by the victim’s father.

Shapiro Seeks Help from Pontiff

Radio PA and the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General
The Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro has written a letter appealing to Pope Francis himself in an attempt to seek his help in ending appeals to the release of a report on sexual abuse by members of the clergy. Attorneys representing members of the Catholic Clergy who wish to prevent the current version of the report from seeing the light of day claim the report violates the rights of their clients as its written now, and calls Shapiro’s letter to the Pope an accusation against members of the church.