News Live 365: July 23rd, 2018

Motorcyclist Killed, Driver Injured, In Route 6 Crash

PSP Corry
A 57 year old man was killed on Sunday afternoon during a 3PM collision with a motorhome in Warren County’s Freehold Township. The rider was traveling east on Route 6 when they drifted into the westbound lane of traffic and collided head on with the large vehicle, injuring it’s driver, and then being dragged about 150 feet until the vehicle stopped in a ditch. The man was declared dead at the scene and the driver of the motorhome was taken to Corry Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries.


Two Injured When SUV Hits Bike

PSP Meadville
Dempsey Bruce of Sharpsburg was hospitalized when his Harley Davidson motorcycle was hit by an SUV that failed to stop in time for traffic on I-79. Dempsey and the man who hit him were both taken to Meadville Medical Center for treatment and assessment of injuries. A third driver involved in the collision was able to drive away after talking with State Police.


PennDOT Work Schedules Released

PennDOT has recently won an award for the way it handled relocating an endangered species during a construction project on Hunter’s Station Bridge in Tionesta. They’ve released this weeks work schedule for Northwest Pennsylvania and it is available on our website here.


Man Receives Two DUI Charges in Two Days

PSP Meadville
Timothy Weidner is being charged with DUI by the State Police two consecutive days in a row. On Saturday the 21st Wiedner was charged with the first DUI after rolling his vehicle on Lyona Road in Richmond Township of Crawford County. On Sunday he drove himself to the State Police Barracks in Meadville to be photographed and fingerprinted and Troopers found that once again he was intoxicated.


Found Cash in Cranberry Held by State Police

PSP Franklin
The Franklin State Police are in possession of an undisclosed amount of cash found outside of Home Depot in Venango County’s Cranberry Township. Four receipts were also found with the money which police will use to verify the owner. The owner of the found cash should contact the Franklin State Police to claim their property.


Pennsylvania Sues Texas Company for Real Estate Crimes

Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General
Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 70 Pennsylvania families that were scammed out of  more than a combined $2.6 million by Harbour Portfolio of Texas. Harbour Portfolio ran a deceptive For Sale by Owner scam, buying up uninhabitable properties in economically distressed areas and then selling them at inflated prices. They also charged more than twice the legal rate for home loans given to prospective buyers and forced them into a contract that allowed the company to default on a loan if even a single payment was missed. The Attorney General urges anyone who was scammed by Harbour Portfolio or anyone else in a similar fashion to email