News Live 365: July 19th, 2018

Clintonville Convenience Store Robbed at Gunpoint

PSP Franklin
Four black men robbed the Anchors Away and Subway in Clintonville yesterday morning. At 5am the four men entered the store obscuring their identities with masks and hoodies, two of them were carrying firearms. The robbers looted the store and forced owner Troy Sherer to open the safe for them. One of them struck Mr. Sherer in the head before the troup left out a side door and headed northward, deeper into Clintonville. Items stolen include cash money, a Surface 4 Pro Laptop and carry bag, a Sig Sauer 938P semi automatic pistol, cigars, and a ladies coach bag that belonged to an employee with all her personal effects. Anyone who has information please call the Franklin State Police at (814)676-6596.


Bridge Reopens in Forest County

PennDOT announced yesterday the bridge carrying the David Zeisberger Highway across Beaver run in Forest County’s Hickory Township is once again open to traffic. The bridge will meet traffic restrictions when a protective covering is applied to the bridge’s surface this fall.


The Search for a Runaway Teen

PSP Corry
Jessica Lynn Rick is a 17 year old runaway from Erie County’s Wayne Township. Jessica is a white female 5’3” tall and weighing about 110 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes and a piercing on either side of her lip. Police report Jessica has been missing since Sunday July 15th and may be in the Corry area. Please call the Corry State Police at (814)663-2043 if you encounter this girl.


Man Leaves Passenger Trapped in Wreck to Hide from Police

PSP Meadville
Duane Wild was arrested for Driving Under the Influence after crashing his car in Crawford County’s Pine Township. Wild allegedly left his passenger Stormy Eaton uninjured but trapped in his vehicle to attempt to hide from State Police Troopers in a nearby field.


$200 Million Battle Continues Between State and Insurance Underwriters

Radio PA
The battle between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association is still not over, and still not working in the State’s favor. Yesterday US District Judge Christopher Connor ruled in favor of the PLJUA and put a hold on a law passed in June that gave the state the right to claim the organization’s excess funds. PLJUA was created as a nonprofit malpractice insurer by the State in the 1970’s but has been run as an independent agency from it’s exception. Pennsylvania’s Legislature says the organizations $200 million surplus belongs to them while the PLJUA argues that it is private money.