News Live 365: June 26th, 2018

TPD Ends Search for Missing Woman

Titusville Police Department
The Titusville Police Department is no longer looking for Amanda Clouser-Proano or her husband. Amanda was last seen on Sunday night when she left work at the Titusville Pizza Hut at 7:30 PM. Her vehicle was found at her residence but nobody can locate Amanda herself. Amanda answers to Mandy, she stands 5’6” tall, weighs 120 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes. She may be with her husband Roberto Proano who is also missing. After further investigation TPD has determined Mandy and Roberto are voluntarily missing and are no longer searching for them. They would still like to talk with the couple if it is possible.


PA Budget Passes with no Hangups

Radio PA
On Friday the State Senate gave overwhelming approval to the 2018-2019 budget for Pennsylvania and on Saturday Governor Tom Wolf signed it. Last year’s budget was a contentious process. A budget was not approved by the General Assembly until October and passed without the Governor’s signature. This year’s budget begins on Sunday July first, creates no new taxes, and increases spending by less than 2%, only 12 lawmakers objected to it.


Firearm Stolen in Meadville Burglary

PSP Meadville
A .38 caliber derringer pistol was reported stolen from the home of 82 year old Allen Rogers of Meadville. The weapon is a Cobra CB38BR, its chambered in .38 caliber, and holds two shots. Anyone with information should call the State Police in Meadville.


Scam Alert

PSP Franklin
State Police from Franklin are sending out an alert for a new scam going on in the area. A man identifying himself as a representative from an antivirus company called a 58 year old Centerville woman. He convinced her to send $200 in Google Play Gift cards to remove a supposed virus from her hard drive and then hacked into her computer which forced her to get costly repairs and lose her data. Anyone receiving a similar call is being warned that this is a scam.


Senate Votes to Suspend Keystone Exams

Radio PA
Yesterday the State Senate unanimously approved of a bill to suspend the Keystone Exam as a graduation requirement for High School Students until the 2020-2021 school year. The Keystone Exam was created as part of the high school curriculum in the state but is flawed and not popular. This will be the second time it’s waved as a requirement.