News Live 365: June 13, 2018

Rape Investigation Involves Two Minors

PSP Franklin
State Police in Venango County are investigating reports of a 17 year old boy raping a 14 year old girl in Oil City. Children and Youth Services reported to State Police that the assault took place on the 16th of May in a home near Orange Street. Because of the ages of the victim and assailant not further information is being released.


West Meade Man Accused of Domestic Abuse

PSP Meadville
Forrest Allen Beleal was taken into the custody of Meadville State Police after allegedly assaulting his wife in their West Meade home. A verbal argument with his wife April May Beleal is said to have turned physically violent and Forrest faces charges of simple assault and harassment.


Redistricting Debate Goes on in Harrisburg

Radio PA
A proposed Constitutional Amendment to create an independent commission of private citizens to redistrict Pennsylvania after the census faces its first Senatorial test as early as today. A republican amendment to the bill would create voting districts for the appellate court judges and it could turn off some democrats from supporting the bill. Amending Pennsylvania’s Constitution requires passage in the general assembly in two separate years, the approval of the governor, and a citizen referendum.


Troopers Search for Clues in Month Old Burglary

PSP Meadville
State Police from Meadville are turning to the public for help locating items from the May 14th burglary of the Woodcock Township home of Ed Potosky. A 12’6” aluminum break, a 28 foot extension ladder, two 24 foot ladders – one wood, another aluminum, a 20 foot ladder, and a 7 foot step ladder were taken from his property. Anyone that may have information should call (814)332-6911.


Registration for July’s Dining With Diabetes

Penn State Extension
Penn State Extension is taking registration for its July courses of dining with diabetes. Classes start on July 11th and will be at the First United Presbyterian Church of Edinboro. To register or get more information call (877)354-0691.


Debate over Minimum Wage in PA Legislature

Radio PA
Three separate proposals for minimum wage increases are being considered by lawmakers in Harrisburg. At $7.25 an hour Pennsylvania has the lowest minimum wage in the northeast. 
One bill calls for an incremental increase to $15 an hour by 2024, Governor Tom Wolf seeks a $12 an hour minimum, while his gubernatorial challenger Scott Wagner wants an immediate increase to $8.75. None of the proposed wage increases are likely to pass before the election in November.