News Live 365: June 1st, 2018

Poulson Waves Court Hearing

Office of Attorney General Josh Shapiro

David Poulson, a former Catholic Priest from the diocese of Erie accused of sexually abusing two boys waived his right to a preliminary hearing yesterday. Poulson was arrested in early March after an investigation by Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. A judge set Poulson’s Bail at $300,000 or 10% and Senior Deputy Attorney General Daniel Dye will prosecute the case.


Investigation Underway into Shooting of House

PSP Meadville
State Police are investigating an incident where someone fired two .40 Caliber pistol rounds into the Home of Douglas Beck near Blooming Valley. Mr. Beck was not injured when someone opened fire on his house between 2:30 and 3AM on Thursday Morning. A silver SUV and a red sedan were seen driving away after the shooting.


Protesters Seek Minimum Wage Increase

Radio PA
Demonstrators held a rally in Harrisburg near the Capitol Building yesterday demanding an increase in the minimum wage. At the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour Pennsylvania’s minimum wage is lower than all its neighbors and the lowest in the Northeastern United States. Governor Wolf has made multiple calls for an increased minimum but has been blocked by the republican general assembly.


Hit and Run Investigation Underway

PSP Franklin
A Pittsburgh Man is a suspect in two hit and run incidents in the Emlenton area on Tuesday afternoon. Christian Lindenfelser was apparently either drunk or in need of a driving lesson when he’s accused of colliding with a pair of parked cars on Emlenton’s Main street at about 12:45, causing significant damage. About 40 minutes later Lindenfelser rolled his Chevy S-10 pickup truck after driving straight off of Panther Spring Road. He fled the scene before State Police could arrive.


Trooper Searches for Owner of Found Bicycle

PSP Meadville
Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Hubbard recovered a yellow Huffy mountain bike along Townhouse Road in Crawford County. Anyone with information on the bike’s owner should contact Trooper Hubbard at the Meadville State Police Station.


PA Unveils New Sports Gambling License

Radio PA
Pennsylvania’s Gaming Control Board has already released its initial rules about sports betting in the Commonwealth. Following last month’s Supreme Court decision allowing sports gambling the board has quickly offered licenses to casinos at a cost of $10 million a piece, the state is also looking to tax sports betting income at 36%.