News Live 365: April 25th, 2018

Man Dies in Accident While Fleeing Police

PSP Corry
At about a quarter to two in the morning on Sunday an Erie County man was killed when they lost control of their vehicle while apparently fleeing state police. Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell pronounced Raymond Szall of Mill Village dead at the scene where his vehicle rolled after traveling up an embankment and into a tree. State Troopers had attempted to initiate a traffic stop and Szall tore away at high speed.


Cosby Verdict in Hands of Jury

Radio PA
At the Montgomery County Courthouse closing arguments in the trial of Bill Cosby took place yesterday. Cosby’s defense team rested its case yesterday after calling forth several witnesses to the comedian’s character and at least one who claimed to have proof that the allegations against him were false. Cosby is being tried for the second time for the drugging and molestation of Andrea Constand after a hung jury came forth with no decision last year. Jury deliberation began this morning.


Franklin Woman Arrested Twice in Same Day

PSP Franklin
A 26 year old woman from Franklin whose identity is being withheld was arrested for DUI after crashing her car directly into an embankment with a four year old child in the back. The same woman was found less than five hours earlier in the same vehicle, passed out in a Walmart Parking lot and unresponsive until taken to the hospital. During that incident she was found to be in possession of marijuana and unidentified white pills and was taken home by her boyfriend. The child was unharmed but his mother faces a battery of charges.


Holder Discusses Starbuck’s Arrests

Radio PA
Eric Holder, the former Attorney General of the United States, has commented on the Philadelphia Starbucks fiasco. During an appearance at the Constitution Center Monday night he remarked that common sense should have come into play and the manager should not have called police. Two black men waiting for a friend and business contact were arrested for loitering because they hadn’t placed an order. Holder is one of the many legal experts helping Starbucks to refine their racial sensitivity training. More racial controversy arose Saturday at a Pennsylvania Country Club which called police on a group of black women who were members.


Protect Your Identity Saturday

Press offices of Reps. Parke Wentling and Ted Nesbit
This Saturday April 28th from 9 AM until noon State Representatives Parke Wentling and Tedd Nesbit will be hosting an identity protection seminar. During the event participants will learn some tips to avoid having their identity stolen by criminals and be able to destroy sensitive documents in a giant mobile shredder. The event will take place at the PennDOT maintenance building in Mercer and you can contact the offices of Park Wentling or Ted Nesbit for more details.


Hit and Run Witnessed by Police

PSP Meadvile
Christopher Collier of Conneaut Lake was arrested last Thursday in relation to an alleged hit and run which took place right before a State Police Trooper’s eyes. According to the trooper Collier drove his Cavalier through a stop sign and collided with a Jeep at around quarter after 2 in the afternoon. Collier is then said to have backed his car away at a high rate of speed. After checking on the victim of the crash the Trooper was able to apprehend Collier on foot after he abandoned his car.


Out With Property Tax?

Radio PA
In State News Republican State Senator Mario Scavello is proposing the abolition of the property tax which would be replaced with a 5% income tax to fund schools instead.