News Live 365: April 23rd, 2018

Major Crash Kills Three

PSP Meadville
Three people were killed and four hospitalized in a car crash near the Crawford County town of Atlantic. In the early evening hours of Friday April 20th a car driven by Terry Bidwell of Titusville ran through the intersection of Atlantic Lake Road and Adamsville Road and collided with the truck of Brad Miller of Hartstown. Both vehicles ended up rolled over on the side of the road. Bidwell as well as a passenger named Alan Wengerd were pronounced dead at the scene and second passenger named Laura Wengerd died before reaching Meadville Medical Center. Brad Miller, Raymond and Edward Wengerd and an unnamed 15 year old boy were all injured and hospitalized at Meadville Medical Center.


Stolen Dynamite Located by Federal Agents

Radio PA
All the dynamite stolen from a worksite in Lancaster County have been recovered by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. Last week we reported the theft of 640 pounds of dynamite being used in the construction of an Eastern pennsylvania pipeline. Every last stick of dynamite and their blasting caps were found inside a creek about a mile from the scene.


Inter-State Thieves Caught in Clarion

PSP Clarion
Two men wanted for retail theft in multiple states were arrested last Friday after a traffic stop near Clarion. The two men from the nation of Georgia are part of a transient band of shoplifters wanted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. Charges in relation to multiple Clarion County thefts are being filed.


PA Feels Pain at the Pump

Radio PA
Gas prices across the state of Pennsylvania are approaching $3 per gallon and are likely to surpass that by the time summer rolls around. The Statewide average is currently around $2.95 per gallon which is up 30 cents from this time last year. Online searches reveal local gas prices are around $2.96 in Crawford County, $2.98 in Erie County, $2.97 in Clarion County, and $3.00 in Venango County.

Road Maintenance Schedules Released from PennDOT

PennDOT has released its weekly maintenance schedules for Crawford and Warren Counties accounting for the week of April 23rd. Planned maintenance includes countywide sign reviews, paving, spray patching, and bridge repairs. The full schedule is below.

Crawford County

Activity Municipalities State Route Common Road Name


Ditching Summit, Sadsbury, Cambridge, Rockdale, Summerhill townships SR 3014,

SR 0006,

SR 0408

Gehrton Road,

Route 6, Route 408

Bridge Washing Union, Hayfield townships SR 0079 Interstate 79
Spray Patching Conneaut, North Shenango, Sadsbury, Vernon, East Fallowfield, Summer, Summerhill, Spring townships SR 0006,

SR 0018

Route 6, Route 18
Bridge Work Woodcock Township SR 0006 Route 6
Pipe Replacement Rockdale Township SR 0408 Route 408
Spray Patching Richmond Township SR 0077 Route 77
Paving Steuben Township SR 1018 Armstrong Road
Shoulder Cutting Cambridge, Rockdale, Richmond townships SR 0408 Route 408
Sign Review/Reset County Wide County Wide County Wide

Warren County

Activity Municipalities State Route Common Road Name


Patching Various Various  
Shoulder Cutting Columbus Township SR 0006 Route 6
Inlet Cleaning Watson Township SR 0062 Route 62
Inlet Cleaning Limestone Township SR 0062 Route 62
Slide Clean Up Limestone Township SR 0062 Route 62
Inlet Cleaning Various Various  
Bridge Cleaning Various Various  
Pipe Replacement Sugar Grove Borough SR 1005 Miller Hill Road
Bridge Rail Install Freehold Township SR 0958 Route 958
Pipe Resets Farmington Township SR 0957 Route 957