News Live 365: April 3rd, 2018

Tax Deadline is Fast Approaching

PA Department of Revenue
The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is alerting citizens that starting today there are only two weeks left to file your taxes before April 17th. While over 6 million Pennsylvanians file income tax every year only about half of us have turned in our tax forms this year. The department recommends that you file your taxes electronically and you can call  (717) 787-8201 for help with filing your personal income tax.


Breakfast Educates Seniors About Finance, Scams

Press Office of Representative Tedd Nesbit
Pennsylvania State Representative Tedd Nesbit will be hosting two educational breakfast events for senior citizens. The breakfasts will focus on issues elder Pennsylvanians are affected by such as internet and phone scams. The first breakfast will be at 9:30am on Friday April 13th at Unionville Fire Company and the second on the 20th at Mercer County Career Center. Call (724)458-4911 by April 10th to reserve your spot.


Cosby Jury Selection Makes no Headway

Radio PA
Jury selection in the second Cosby trial seems like it may be slow going. Yesterday attorneys on the defense and prosecution interviewed 120 potential jurors but only one was chosen. Cosby faces allegations of sexual assault.