News Live 365: March 30th, 2018

Forensic Investigation Underway in Car Theft

PSP Franklin
The State Police from Franklin are attempting a DNA analysis of blood found in a crashed vehicle at around 12:30 monday morning. Later in the day Kiley Stover of Oil City who owned the vehicle reported it had been stolen the night before. The car is a black 2009 Infiniti G37 that was taken between 9pm and the time of the crash; anyone who may have information about the occupants of the car before the crash should call (814) 676-6596.


Three Arrested for Robbery/Assault

PSP Meadville
Joshua and Jeramie Meehan of Hartstown as well as Bryan Koren of Greenville have all been arrested by state police for robbery, assault and other charges. It’s alleged the three men beat and robbed Anthony Severino and stole $2,000 from him while threatening him with a sawed off shotgun. PSP Mercer and Greenville-Hempfield PD assisted in the case.


Another Proposal for PA Redistricting Process

Radio PA
Redistricting is again a topic of the State News. Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa has submitted a bill to change with way congressional maps are drawn without having the change the state constitution. Costa’s model would create a committee with an equal number of democrats and republicans rounded out by at fifth member of a third or independent party. The Committee would also be legally required to hold a minimum of 7 public hearings.