News Live 365: March 22nd, 2018

State Police Seek Telephone Line Thief

PSP Clarion and News Live Archives
State Police from Clarion have issued an arrest warrant for Edward Michael Stasik of East Liverpool Ohio. He was one of the men arrested for the theft of copper phone cables over a period from March 2017 until February this year. Stasik is a 48 year old white male with brown eyes and brown hair with solid patches of white and grey, he was sporting a neatly trimmed beard and moustache in his mugshots. Anyone with information please call (814)226-1710.


New Survey Shows PA Loves Renewables

Keystone State News Connection
According to the results of a new survey nearly 70% of Pennsylvania residents are in favor of increasing the amount of electricity created by renewable technologies like wind and solar. The results even indicated that more than half of the surveyed Republicans and Democrats alike could even get behind plans to move the state away from generating power with coal by 2030.


GOP Rep Moves to Impeach PA State Supreme Court Justices

Republican State Representative Cris Dush of Indiana County filed articles of impeachment against four members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Twelve other Republican lawmakers signed on as sponsors for the bills to launch impeachment proceedings against four of the five justices who voted to redraw the voting districts. Dush says that by instituting a new map the Supreme Court has overstepped its powers.