News Live 365: March 16th, 2018

Thousands worth of Jewelry Stolen

Pennsylvania State Police, Corry
About $5,000 worth of men’s and women’s jewelry was stolen from a home near Union City between 8:30am and 3:30pm on Wednesday March 14th. One or more criminals forcibly entered through the back door of the house on Juva Road in Erie County’s Amity Township during the daylight hours. If you noticed suspicious activity please call the Corry State Police or Erie County Crime Stoppers.


Woman Suspect for DUI After Fiery Crash

Pennsylvania State Police, Franklin
A 45 year old woman, identity withheld, was suspected of DUI after she survived a fiery crash in the Sugarcreek area. The Oil City resident lost control of her vehicle along Rocky Grove Avenue on Wednesday March 14th and struck a mailbox, gas line marker, and several trees before her vehicle caught fire. She was suspected of DUI while being examined at UPMC Northwest.


PennDOT’s Winter Road Maintenance Using Record Amounts of Asphalt

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Because of this year’s drastic switches in temperature and precipitation throughout the winter PennDOT reports using more than half again as much asphalt as last winter to repair potholes. 9,600 tons of it have been used creating temporary patches on roads this year as opposed to last year’s 6,100. If you know of any potholes on major roads that need repair call 1-800-349-7023 (800-FIX-ROAD).


Slippery Roads and Snow Plows Kill Meadville Man

Pennsylvania State Police, Meadville
On Thursday night a 35 year old Meadville Man was killed in a head on collision with a PennDOT snow plow in Crawford County’s Randolph Township. Shaun Althouse was traveling west toward Meadville on State Highway 27 when he drifted on the snow and ice into eastbound lane while navigating a curve.  He collided with the plow between Beuchat Road and St. Hippolyte’s Church.


Woman Committed After Suicide Attempt

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
A 57 year old woman was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric center after attempting suicide in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen. State Troopers from Clarion arrived  at the DQ while Lisa Livengood, being described as visibly distraught and intoxicated, was actively cutting her own wrists. She was restrained and taken to Clarion Hospital. She was sent to Clarion County Psych Center for treatment.


PA18 Battle Still Rages

Radio PA
The drama continues to unfold in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. The final tallies leave Connor Lamb an almost 650 vote lead over Rick Saccone but his opponent has refused to concede. A legal defense group is looking for anyone who may have had issues casting their ballots or were sent to the wrong polling location while Saccone attempts to get a recount.