News Live 365: February 21st, 2018

Police Investigate Scenes of Two Deaths Over Weekend

Pennsylvania State Police Franklin
The deaths of two women in Venango County are being investigated by Pennsylvania State Police in Franklin. The first is a 40 year old woman was found dead in her Sugarcreek Home Sunday morning. Troopers report that its a sensitive matter and will not release details on the woman’s identity or her state when she was discovered but several officers responded to the scene to investigate. Another woman was found dead in her home in Scrubgrass Township from a possible prescription medicine overdose on Saturday. Both investigations were still open as of Tuesday.

State Rushes to Adjust Voting Districts While GOP Vows to Fight

Radio PA
While Pennsylvania is already moving to implement the new map issued by the commonwealth’s Supreme Court other map related activities are underway as well. House Speaker Mike Turzai is preparing to attempt to challenge the map in Federal Court, arguing that the State Supreme Court has no right or authority to issue a new congressional districting map. Pennsylvania’s department of state meanwhile is busy ensuring that even if voting districts change polling places will not and all the necessary changes will come ahead of the May 15th primary elections


Troopers Search for Driver of Car Connected to Crime

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
Clarion based State Troopers are investigating an incident from Sunday the 11th where a snowball thrown from a car window took out the driver’s side headlight of another vehicle on Route 66. The suspect’s vehicle was a Chevy Cruze traveling south at around 2pm. Call (814) 226-1710 if you may have information.


Girl Hits Pole that Destroys Truck

Pennsylvania State Police, Corry
A young driver lost control on snow covered roads and caused a chain reaction that damaged a parked truck in the Erie County village of Lottsville. State Troopers say Megan Mckillip lost control of the Ford Escape she was driving and slid off of State Route 957 while it was covered with ice and snow on Saturday the 17th. Megan collided with a steel pole that disabled her vehicle and then fell, crashing into a Silverado truck that was parked nearby.


Low Wages and Benefit Decreases Contribute to Teacher Shortage

News Service vi Keystone News Connection
A new report from the economic policy institute determines low pay is the number one factor in the shortage of educators in Pennsylvania and that the problem will likely become worse before it gets better. An estimated 20 to 25 thousand teachers will be retiring in the next 10 years and meanwhile the number of students seeking education careers has dropped by 60%.