News Live 365: February 12, 2018

Woman Charged with Assault for Spitting on Doctor

Pennsylvania State Police, Franklin
Deliberately spitting on a medical professional is considered assault. Angela Knopp of Reno found this out the hard way after was charged with assault when she spit on a doctor, a nurse, and a security guard at UPMC Northwest. She admitted spitting on the doctor when she got upset with him and that some of the spit hit the nurse and guard.


Construction Continues on Pipeline Amid Controversy

News  Service via Keystone State News Connection
Sunoco has resumed construction on the Mariner East 2 pipeline after paying a fine of $12.6 million to the Pennsylvania DEP and clean air and water advocates are angry. A spokesperson from Sunoco says the company is committed to the terms of the new agreement with the commonwealth; environmentalists counter by pointing to their track record so far. Mariner East 2 is a pipeline intended to carry natural gas across the state from the Marcellus Shale to Philadelphia.


Governor Wolf Deciding on Voting Districts Map

Radio PA
A new voting map was sent on Friday to Governor Tom Wolf in the last minutes before its deadline would close. Locally the proposed new map moves Erie County fully into the 3rd District and cuts Crawford in half to move the eastern portions into the 5th district which stretches all the way east to Bradford County. Democratic Lawmakers are calling for the Governor to veto the proposal which included no input from democrats or even most republicans.