News Live 365: February 1st, 2018

Troopers Looking for Missing Firearm

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
State Police in Clarion are searching for a lost or stolen firearm. The missing weapon is a Ruger LCP .380, a small semi automatic pistol that fires .38 caliber rounds. The pistol belongs to Matthew Unger of Parker and anyone who may have seen the handgun should call (814)226-1710.


Man Arrested for Threatening Relatives with Ax

Pennsylvania State Police, Franklin
Mark Burkett of Franklin is being charged with harassment and criminal trespass by State Police for threatening a member of his family with a splitting maul. It’s alleged that Burkett used the maul as a weapon to threaten his family member after being told he was not welcome on their property.


General Assembly Votes on Pension Reform

Radio PA
The Pennsylvania State Senate unanimously passed a bill that would strip all members of the state government of their pensions if they are ever convicted of a job related felony. The bill is headed to the commonwealth’s house of representative for their approval. It was inspired after a $245,000 a year pension was restored to State Senator Robert Mellow after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.



Teens Injured in Crash Near Titusville

Pennsylvania State Police, Corry
Two teenage girls from the Titusville area were hospitalized after an accident on State Route 89 in Crawford County’s Oil Creek Township. Authorities are saying that the 17 year old driver lost control of her car after hitting a patch of snow and ice on the roadway causing the vehicle to collide with an embankment.


Phony Scrip Lands Woman in Cuffs

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
Anna More of Clarion was arrested at a Wal-Mart pharmacy in the county’s Monroe Township for allegedly trying to obtain adderall with a forged prescription. She’s being charged with violations of the controlled substances act and police give no word about whether she was jailed.


PA Governor Hears Concerns about Redistricting

Radio PA
Governor Tom Wolf has embarked on a ‘listening tour’ across Pennsylvania to hear concerns and opinions about gerrymandering from citizens around the state. The goal is for voters to be able to directly address the governor about their concerns and opinions on how the the commonwealth should be redistricted. The Governor and the General Assembly have only two weeks left to finalize their plans and submit them for review by the judges.