Lilo Says: Keep your pets safe in Winter

With the cold Winter months here, pet owners need to take time to ensure that pets are happy and healthy. 

  • It is best to keep your pets indoors as much as possible during winter months. When this is not possible, pets must be provided with shelter. Shelters should be heated or insulated. In severely cold weather, NO pet should be kept outside.
  • Roaming cats, as well as other wildlife and house pets, may climb onto vehicle engines for warmth during cold weather. Be sure to check under the hood before starting your vehicle. Honk the horn to startle any animals that may have sought shelter inside.
  • Snow and salt should be removed from your pet’s paws as soon as possible. Check paws for frostbite. Frostbitten skin is red or gray and may slough. Apply warm, moist towels to thaw out frostbitten areas slowly until the skin appears flushed. Contact your veterinarian for further care. Try to use a pet-friendly ice melter. This type of ice melter contains no salt, is environmentally and pet-friendly, and is non-corrosive to sidewalks and driveways.

Information from Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association PMVA Fact Sheet