News Live 365: January 23rd, 2018

Furnace Thief Causes Severe Damage to Home

Pennsylvania State Police, Franklin
Sometime between the 9th and 21st of this month someone broke into a home on Brown Siding Road in Venango County’s  Sandy Creek Township and stole a heating unit. The theft of the heater caused the home’s pipes to freeze and break, filling the house with water. Anyone who observed suspicious activity near 217 Brown Siding Road earlier this month should contact the Franklin State Police by calling (814)676-6596.


Police Build Case Against Alleged Log Thief

Pennsylvania State Police, Corry
31 logs, a mix of Red Oak and Poplar, were stolen from Brush Run Lumber Yard in Crawford County. The missing logs were found in a different lumber yard and police say they have a suspect and are developing a case. If you have information that could help call (814)663-2043.


Supreme Court Orders State Government to Redistrict Ahead of Election

Radio PA
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court voted 5-2 yesterday in favor of the League of Women Voters in their Gerrymandering case against the Commonwealth. Determining that the current electoral map violated Pennsylvania’s Constitution they ordered that new districts be redrawn immediately by February 9th. Republican Lawmakers are seeking a stay in the US Supreme Court but it seems unlikely as the ruling was based on Pennsylvania’s laws.


Titusville Police Officer Saves Overdose Victim with New Tool

Titusville Police Chief Harold Minsch
Just two days after the Titusville Police Department started carrying Naloxone it was used by a TPD officer to save someone’s life. A member of the force was able to administer the antidote to an unidentified victim of a suspected overdose while fire and emergency services were arriving. Working together the three agencies managed to save the victim’s life. Both illegal and prescription opioids can be dangerous, several deaths from overdose have already occured in our area this year. If you have any information about opioid abuse, illegal drug trade, or any other information related to the opioid crisis call (800)223-3008.


Troopers Try to Locate Stolen Items

Pennsylvania State Police, Corry
Arrests have been made and charges filed in a case of theft from the home of Dave Pseil of Bloomfield Township, Crawford County. Most of the items have been recovered but an antique silver wedding set, two men’s rings, and a white 6×6 jewelry box are still missing. Call Cory State Police at (814)663-2043 if you may know of their whereabouts.


Congressman Faces Investigation for Sex Scandal

Radio PA
A federal Representative from Pennsylvania has been ousted from the Congressional Ethics Committee preceding an investigation into his behavior. It’s being alleged that Republican Patrick Meehan, representing PA’s 7th District used money from his Congressional Office Fund to settle a sexual harassment claim against him. Congressman Meehan publically denied the allegations through his communication’s director.