Reno’s Rant: Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

So my girlfriend and I saw the performance of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Academy Theater in Meadville over the weekend. Wow!!! What an amazing performance!!! Everyone did a fantastic job from the leads of Jesus and Judas, all the way down to the ensemble cast. Plus, having a live band play all of the music score was a great touch and helped make the experience that much more exciting!

The music was rockin’ and on point! Vocally, I was blown away by the talent on that stage! The sets took you out of the theater and into their world. The cast did a stellar job with the emotion of the piece….the crucifixion scene was chilling!

This was my first experience seeing a play at the Academy Theater and this performance of Jesus Christ Superstar has ensured that I WILL be back!!!

To all of the cast and crew of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Academy Theater….BRAVO!!!

Until next time….Cheers