News Live 365: January 19th, 2018

Cars and Trucks Collide on I-80

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
Nobody was injured after a three vehicle accident involving a semi tractor and trailer in Clarion County’s Beaver Township shortly after midnight on Tuesday the sixteenth. The driver of a freightliner began to roll to a stop when they noticed another truck stuck in the snow and ice ahead but the vehicle behind them could not stop and collided with the their trailer. The trailer swung out and collided with a third vehicle that had stopped in the other lane for the original crashed vehicle.


Man Hospitalized After Apparent Suicide Attempt

Pennsylvania State Police, Clarion
A 79 year old Clarion Man received a psychological evaluation after attempting suicide by swallowing pills. Richard Douglas was taken to Clarion Hospital by EMTs after swallowing multiple different types of unidentified pills in an apparent attempt at suicide.


Top Court Finally Hears Gerrymandering Plea

News Service via Keystone State News Connection
With one voting district described as Goofy kicking Donald Duck Pennsylvania has been held up by pundits and news reporters as the worst example of gerrymandering in the country. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court began hearing a Gerrymandering Case that could force voting maps to be redrawn and delay the Commonwealth’s Primary Elections by months. The League of Women Voters Filed the suit last year alleging that Republican Politicians deliberately redrew voting districts to favor their political party in 2010 which deprives voters of having fair elections.