Iguanas Falling From Trees

Have you saw the pictures and/or videos of Iguanas falling out of trees in Florida? No, not because the trees are unstable…no, they’re not sick…THEY’RE FREEZING. It’s ok though, once they thaw out, they remain alive and go about their business. Being an animal lover, I hope that those in Florida realize this and don’t decide to just bury them somewhere or pitch them in the trash. Being one who likes to go to Florida often… I can’t imagine how wildlife, plants and people are dealing with the temps they are having down there. This morning in Tampa Bay it was 34, Miami 37 and Orlando 37. Those are normal temps for us for a good chunk of the year… them… maybe every two or three decades. So, today I am thinking about the Iguanas that have fallen on the ground and might be scooped up and left for dead!