Cold and snowy, everywhere!

Here in Froggyland we are used to the cold and the snow. But for some reason this year seems to be worse than ever. Maybe it’s the amount of Lake Effect snow that has slammed into Froggyland… especially into Erie & Ashtabula Counties. I don’t remember it being this cold for this long in quite sometime… and I am into keeping up with local weather for this region. We’re not alone, though… folks in Florida, Georgia and the Carolina’s have received snow and bitter cold, as well! A Facebook friend of mine lives in North Carolina and posted that she was stuck in traffic for the past 24 hours on I-95 in Georgia because the roads were ice covered. As much as I hate the snow… I would much rather drive in it than ice! So, I hope as January and the rest of the Winter goes that a thaw out happens and we can start to get rid of cabin fever.