News Live 365: December 21, 2017

Man Points Gun at Teen on Phone with 911

Source: Pennsylvania State Police, Meadville
Police say that while his victim was on the phone with with 911 Christopher Shaffer pointed a loaded pistol pistol at him. Shaffer was arrested by State Police from Meadville and has been charged with simple assault, terroristic threats, and recklessly endangering another person.


One Injured in Two Car Crash Near Sugarcreek

Source: Pennsylvania State Police, Franklin
If driving in inclement weather you must by law have your headlights turned on to make you visible to other motorists. Authorities are saying that Ashley Mitchell forgot to turn on her headlights and ended up crashing into the passenger side of a Jeep that did not see her. Her passenger Kenneth Polm was taken to UPMC Northwest while Mitchell faces penalties for forgetting a simple rule.


Fugitive Returns to United States to Face Charges

Source: Radio PA
For twenty years Ghassan Saleh was free after escaping from a Federal Prison in Pennsylvania but now his attorney says he will be pleading guilty to an escape charge. 66 year old Saleh was serving a six year sentence for Cocaine trafficking when he escaped from a prison ground crew in 1997. He made it back to Lebanon where he remained until last month when he flew back to the states to give himself up.


Arrest Made in Church Burglary

Source: Sugarcreek PD
The Sugarcreek Police Department has arrested Joshua Garbowski for the September 19th break in at Galloway Church. On Tuesday Garbowski was arraigned on charges three months to the day from his suspected crimes of burglary, theft, criminal mischief, and institutional vandalism. Cash bail was set at $50,000.


Six Busted in Meth Arrest

Source: Pennsylvania State Police, Erie
In Erie County the State Police report the arrest of six individuals from an alleged methamphetamine lab in Lake City. On Wednesday the Vice Unit from the city of Erie served a warrant at a home on Railroad Street at around 8am. The Clandestine Lab Team was still processing the crime scene Wednesday afternoon.


PA Senate Seeks to Increase Volunteerism Through Education

Source: Radio PA
The Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee has approved a bill to encourage high school students to become volunteer firefighters. If the bill passes it would create a 3 year pilot program matching public schools with universities to establish fire safety courses. The program hopes to interest teens in becoming first responders for emergencies.