News Live 365: Monday December 11th, 2017

Details on Arson Attempt in Linesville

Source: PA State Police, Erie
State Police from Erie have released the details on an arson attempt last month near Linesville. Troopers allege that around 7:30 in the morning on Monday November the 13th a man named Michael Bish forced his way into a Conneaut Township, Crawford County home and then called 911.They say that at some point he also set the home on fire. An anonymous male was injured during the fire and Bish was caught nearby in the vicinity of Swiden Road.


Obamacare Deadline Looms

There are only five more days this year to register for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. Registration for insurance policies on the insurance marketplace closes on Friday December the 15th. Visit or call (1-800)318-2596.


State News: House Discusses New Rape Kit Laws

Source: Radio PA
The House Judiciary Committee has approved of a bill designed to speed up the processing of rape kits. If passed by the General Assembly any health care facility that processes a rape kit must notify the police within 12 hours and the police have 72 hours to pick it up. If 72 hours elapse the facility must contact the department of health. The bill also gives a 6 month time limit on processing.


Man Injured in Crash

Source: PA State Police, Franklin

A 73 year old man was hospitalized with head and arm injuries after rolling his car into a ditch in Venango County’s Cranberry Township. State Police say that Eugene Olan was not wearing a seatbelt when he lost control on Deep Hollow Road from excessive speeding and crashed. They say he was still conscious when emergency responders arrived.


Fraud Alert

Source: City of Franklin Police
The City of Franklin Police department reports a mail fraud scam is targeting residents of their town. 
The fraudsters are sending mailers representing themselves as a sweepstakes from Reader’s Digest magazine and claims the recipient has won a large sum of money. Franklin PD urges residents not to respond to the instructions on this fake sweepstakes.

Redistricting Lawsuits Moving Forward

Source: Radio PA
The commonwealth court is hearing the second of two redistricting lawsuits in the State of Pennsylvania. In this suit which was fast tracked by the supreme court; a group of voters claim that the electoral districts drawn in 2011 are a violation of the state’s constitution by virtue of being too partisan. Another case in a Philadelphia Federal Court is still being decided.