Things you’ll never forget

Most of the time I can’t remember what I did 4 hours ago, let alone something last week. But, when something big happens…that changes the whole brain wiring for me.

Of course, just like everyone else, I remember what I was doing 16 years ago today, September 11th. I was in German class my Sophomore year of high school in East Palestine, Ohio. While in the middle of learning how to count in German, our principal came over the loud speakers and told us what happened. I am not sure that most of us (including me) really understood what happened, since he was quick and talked nervously. After that, all classroom TV’s got turned on and we then saw, just like the rest of the world what was really happening. Here is in, 2017, and I still remember it like it was yesterday, the clothes I was wearing, the people I was around and the weather outside the window.

Also a day I will never forget…because I am a huge fan of country music…is finding out about Troy Gentry passing away. I just left work here at Froggy and was getting onto I-79 south to head home for the day. My phone went off twice at almost the same time…figuring it was just some petty messages, I got the rest area on I-79 and checked my phone. Then, I read what I thought was a hoax someone was sending around. Oddly enough, Montgomery Gentry was the last song I played before getting off air that day. It didn’t take long for me to find out that what my friends sent me was true – that Troy Gentry passed away in a helicopter wreck in New Jersey. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get teary eyed. I have been a huge fan of Montgomery Gentry since they first made it big back in 1999/2000. That is another day I will never forget what I was doing, where I was, what I was wearing and what the weather was. I hope that Eddie Montgomery, Troy’s family and all others close to him…as well as fans remember the good times with Troy.