News Live 365, Thursday August 24, 2017

Draft Horse Kills Man at Fair

Charles Burns of Saegertown died from trauma to the head after being stepped on by a horse

Crawford County Fairgrounds, PA –

A tragic accident at the Crawford County Fair killed the chairman of the fair’s draft horse department yesterday afternoon. Charles Burns was declared dead at Meadville Medical Center at about 1:45pm; fifteen minutes after falling from his wagon and being stepped on by a horse. Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell declared the death accidental and listed the cause as head trauma.
Corrections: Our broadcast mistakenly misidentified the victim’s first name and has been corrected.


PA Pays off $750 Million Loan but Still has No Revenue

Commonwealth may have to halt payment on bills

Harrisburg, PA –

A $750 million short term loan to the state of Pennsylvania was paid back yesterday while the General Assembly continues to struggle over how to fill a $2 billion hole. The House of Representatives is currently putting together its own proposal on how to balance this year’s budget but they aren’t scheduled to return to the capitol until September 11th. The House does not like the Senate proposal which adds a drilling tax for the oil and gas industry and would increase taxes on utilities, it also borrows hundreds of millions from banks. A large part of the House plan is to move unused money from funds that are running over budget, representatives are confident they can scrape together as many as $800 million.


State Police Catch Wanted Florida Felon in DUI Stop

John McCarthy will be charged in PA before he can be extradited to Florida

West Mead Township, Crawford County, PA –

State Police from Meadville arrested a Florida man for DUI but may be working out transportation back to his home state. John McCarthy is wanted on an unspecified felony warrant in Florida which is likely to extradite him after he is charged here in Pennsylvania. McCarthy was pulled over near the Crawford County Fairgrounds on Leslie Road, he currently resides in Crawford County Jail.


Could Better Wages Decrease Child Abuse?

Study suggests a link between minimum wage and abuse

Indianapolis, IN –

A unique socio-economic study recently suggested that a higher minimum wage could reduce child abuse in impoverished areas. The study performed at Indiana University and the University of Connecticut tracked nine years of reports of child abuse in all fifty states and noticed a correlation between higher minimum wages and a decrease in parental violence toward children in states and cities across the country. Lindsey Rose Bullinger at Indiana University says there is a clear connection between money and stress and suggests that better paid, less stressed parents are less likely to take out frustration on their children through abuse or neglect. Bullinger says that few studies have ever dug into the social ramifications of the minimum wage, “I think we can all agree that child abuse and neglect is bad for children, it’s bad for society. And so we hope this research brings a unique perspective to the debate that is much less divisive than, historically, the debate has been.”
Correction: Our radio broadcast accidently listed Columbia University in place of the University of Connecticut


Meadville Woman Faces Drug Charges after Overdose

Elaine Sampson was found with suspected heroin

Hayfield Township, Crawford County, PA –

A Meadville woman is facing criminal charges from State Police after being saved from a heroin overdose by emergency medical services. Elaine Sampson was in possession of drug paraphernalia and a small amount of suspected heroin when State Troopers arrived in response to the scene of her overdose.


American Academy of Pediatrics: Sleep Baby Safely
Laying newborns to sleep on their backs prevents SIDS

Northwest PA and Northeast OH –

The AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics has focused efforts in the region to inform parents of newborns to place their children on their backs when they sleep. When your baby is resting on her side or stomach she is at increased risk for injury or SIDS, according to the AAP rural regions in Pennsylvania and Ohio have higher than normal rates of injury and mortality for sleeping babies. Other sleep safety tips include using fitted sheets and blankets to keep her warm so she can’t accidently cover her face, use a flat and firm surface in the bottom of cribs or bassinets, and removing any soft toys, lose curtains, or other items baby can get entangled or suffocate in while she sleeps. The Academy also urges parents to encourage anyone who takes care of baby to follow the same steps.