News Live 365, Thursday August 17th, 2017

Judge Throws out “Crexit”

Cranberry and Rockland Townships win lawsuit against Venango County

Franklin, PA –

Venango County Court has thrown the ‘Crexit’ Petitions out. Venango County’s Senior Judge the Honorable H. William White set aside the petitions that would have allowed a referendum vote to move portions of Cranberry Township to Rockland Township. Both townships filed a lawsuit to have the petitions and referendum thrown out and succeeded, it’s not known if there will be an appeal. Judge White wrote only three sentences for his final decree on the record at the prothonotary office: “AND NOW, this 16th day of August 2017, the Petition Objecting to Acceptance of Petitions and Placement of Referendum on Ballot is granted. The petitions in this proceeding, Exhibit ‘A’, are hereby set aside. Costs in this matter are assessed against the County of Venango.”

On the 25th of July the Venango County election board approved the petitions and were going to let the question be put to a referendum in November. Ostensibly the petitions were filed over Cranberry Township’s zoning of farms into agricultural and residential partitions, a practice which most of the petitioners did not approve of. The Venango County Election Board could appeal the decision but it is not known if the two people that originally organized the petitions, Heidi Murdoch, and Aaron Bolinger would be able to appeal the decision as intervenors.


Arrest Made in Tuesday Night DUI Crash

Bryan Haylett injured himself and two others in an accident

Cussewago Township, Crawford County, PA –

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Bryan Haylett after a DUI related crash in Crawford County’s Cussewago Township Tuesday night. Haylett crashed his Pontiac Sunfire into a service truck on Grange Center Road causing injuries to himself, his passenger Beth Scott, and the truck’s only occupant Adam Johnson. 


Conneaut Lake Park Pays off Back Taxes

Over $1 million in debt has been paid off and the park seems to be in good shape

Conneaut Lake, PA –

While it still has some debts to pay off, Conneaut Lake Park has managed to pay off all of it’s property taxes dating back to the year 2000, over $1 million. While great news for the community already the cherry on top is the board of trustees report that the park is on track to see a profit of about $600,000 by the end of this park season. The park managed to earn the money to pay off most of its debt by putting together funds from the sale of vacant property that lay unused by the park and through insurance settlements from the fire that destroyed the Beach Club; it took only a year and a half to pay back the outstanding tax debt but the parks till owes on legal fees and other back payments. The board of trustees are looking at future concerns to keep the park solvent in the future, including the possible sale of another 70 to 85 acres of land that is largely unused.


Two Bald Eagles Die of Lead Poisoning, Two Others Sick at Tamarack Wildlife Center

The center is asking hunters to clean up their mess

Crawford County, PA –

After treating four cases of lead poisoning in bald eagles in just two weeks Crawford County’s Tamarack Wildlife Center is asking local hunters to take responsibility for policing their bullets. If you are hunting nuisance animals such as groundhogs the Center asks that you please dispose of the corpses, eagles are not above scavenging and are unlikely to survive lead poisoning. The Wildlife Center usually only handles 8 – 12 cases of lead poisoning in a year so a quarter of their cases in such a short window is alarming to them. It takes a very small amount of lead to sicken and kill an eagle and bald eagles have a slim chance of survival if poisoned.


Miss Wheelchair America Pageant Comes to Erie

The national pageant will take place at Crystal Ballroom

Erie County, PA –

This year’s Miss America Wheelchair competition is taking place in Erie County’s Summit Township. On this Saturday, August 19th the pageant will happen at 7pm in Crystal Ballroom at the Ambassador Conference Center, tomorrow night is speech night where each contestant reveals her platform. The pageant contestants have been visiting locations in and around the city of Erie all week, including the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.