News Live 365 August 16th, 2017

Woman Charged with Assaulting Police Officer

Kyla Gosnell was described as so drunk she did not know where she was when she walked right into traffic

Meadville, PA –

A woman is facing assault charges after allegedly punching, and biting a Meadville Police Officer while intoxicated. Kyla Gosnell is said to have left wounds that required stitches on an MPD Patrolman who was attempting to pick her up for public drunkenness. According to MPD Gosnell wandered into traffic around the area of Garden Street and North Street between midnight and 1 AM, an MPD Officer tried to detain her for her safety and being drunk in public when she punched him in the chest and then bit him. Gosnell was arranged on a felony count of aggravated assault and misdemeanor accounts of resisting arrest, simple assault, public drunkenness, and harassment with bail set at $45,000.


Motorcyclist Dies in Saegertown Accident

David Teasdale was 69 years old

Saegertown, PA –

A 69 year old man died in Saegertown yesterday after losing control of his motorcycle in Floyd Alley. David Teasdale was killed shortly after midnight by blunt force trauma to his chest after falling off of his motorcycle while turning into the alley from Euclid Avenue, a toxicology report is being made to determine if there were any toxins in his system. Coroner Scott Schell declared David dead when he arrived at the scene of the accident and estimated the time of death at around 12:05 AM, the 911 call was not mead for another 15 minutes.


Oil City Man Accused of Second Child Rape in a Month

William Diamond Junior is already jailed after admitting to intercourse with a nine year old

Franklin, PA –

William Diamond Junior of Oil City is charged with a second child rape after a 14 year old came forward as a victim of an attack. Shortly before he was arrested for an incident that happened in June Diamond allegedly tried to hold the other victim down and remove his clothes at a swimming hole in Siverly. Diamond is now being denied bail after a judge determined he was a menace to society and faces six new felony counts on top of the ones he had been arraigned for in July.


Woman Arrested for Assaulting Victim with Furniture

Erika Estrada allegedly walked into a Franklin home and attacked a female occupant

Franklin, PA –

Franklin PD will not say why Erika Estrada of Oil City allegedly attacked an unidentified woman with a dresser drawer inside a house, or why she punched a man in the face, maybe they just don’t know. According to FPD Estrada, an Oil City resident, walked into a Franklin home, walked up the stairs, and began assaulting the female occupant therein using a drawer taken from a dresser as a weapon. When the man tried to stop her Estrada punched him in the face and then began kicking the female victim before she left. By the time officers arrived Estrada had left the scene but had taken the entire piece of furniture with her. Estrada was found shortly after the assault still carrying the dresser she is said to have used as a weapon on her unidentified victims.


Pennsylvania ranked Third in Highest University Tuition

The majority of Pennsylvanians may be priced out of degrees entirely

Harrisburg, PA –

With the recent announcement of tuition increases for university schools the cost for education in Pennsylvania has become the third highest in the country. Experts are pointing out that the people who should benefit most from universities cannot afford to attend, people of the 60% of families that make up the lower income brackets only make up 1 in 3 university  students because they can’t afford higher education. Stephen Herzenberg is the executive director of the Keystone Research Center and he says that the cost for a year in a university has increased by more than $10,000 since 2000. “If we continue the current trajectory, where we’re forcing families to bear more and more the cost of higher education, Pennsylvania will continue to lag in terms of education levels and the economies of our rural areas, in particular.”

Pennsylvania also provides the 47th least amount of funding for their university system, lagging behind the vast majority of other US States and is ranked the lowest among its neighbors. With other states like New York adopting free tuition for all full time residents of the state Herzenberg thinks the commonwealth should adopt a similar program, “We have to make college affordable or free for at least two years, and we have to connect that education to middle class jobs. That’s a recipe for Pennsylvania’s working families to thrive again, and for Pennsylvania’s economy to thrive again.”
Correction: On our radio broadcast we erroneously reported that only 1 in 5 working class families can afford to send someone to University.