News Live 365, August 14, 2017

Four Injured on I-80 after Crash

A Summerville woman passed out behind the wheel of her SUV

Scrubgrass Township, Venango County, PA –

In Scrubgrass Township in Venango County four people were injured in a crash on I-80 after the driver of an SUV passed out while traveling east. One of the passengers tried to steer the vehicle but was unable to control it, they crossed the median into the westbound lane and crashed on the on ramp from Emlenton. Kristina Knepp of Summerville was behind the wheel when she suddenly fell ill and fainted, the crash injured her passengers; Eileen and Gerard Brunette, Lori Reynolds, and herself and they were all wearing seatbelts. It’s unspecific as to which passenger tried to take the wheel.


Don’t Fall for the Tax Claim Bureau Scam

In a new scam the scammer is posing as a member of the Tax Claim Bureau

Crawford County, PA –

The Crawford County Tax Claim Bureau has issued a warning to residents about a potential scam that involves someone claiming to be one of their agents. In the warning Director Christine Krysiak reminds us that the Tax Claim Bureau has no agents, does not attach wages, and will not ask for your Social Security Number. According to a report filed with the state police in Meadville a caller identifying themselves as Agent Olsen reached out to a Crawford County woman and tried to convince her she was nine years overdue on her taxes for a total of more than $27,000. Fortunately the would be victim recognized it as a scam and called bureau to report it. The Pennsylvania State Police are not investigating it as a crime because no money changed hands.

The Crawford County Tax Bureau handles the sale of properties of those who are not paying their tax bills and does not call people to collect on tax debts. Starting in April the bureau sends a certified letter to the property owner if they are at least 3 years delinquent on a real estate tax bill and then a second letter is sent in May informing them of the pending sale on their property if they do not set up a payment plan for their taxes. The bureau will continue to send a parcel every month until a payment plan is made or the debt is paid in full. The only time the Crawford County tax Bureau calls an individual is to make a courtesy call in August informing them if their property is being posted for sale.

No agency involved in tax collection will call over the phone to demand immediate payment, nor will they call you without first sending you a letter about your tax issues. Tax collectors will never demand a payment without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed and additionally they will not demand a specific payment method nor ask for personal information like such as credit/debit card or social security numbers.


Local People March and Rally in Opposition to Violence in Charlottesville

Hundreds attended rallies in Meadville and Erie

Northwestern PA –

Rallies and vigils supporting those killed injured in protests in Charlottesville Virginia took place in our region yesterday afternoon. In Erie more than 200 people gathered in Perry Square and in Meadville around 120 gathered at the Diamond Park in support of Heather Heyer and the 19 others who were run down by a car during the protests. Meadville’s demonstration took place starting at 7pm last night and was organized by the Crawford County chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice and the rally in Erie was initiated by Keystone Progress. 


Speed Cameras in Road Work Zones?

General Assembly debates merits of speed cameras to protect PennDOT employees.

Harrisburg, PA –

PennDOT may soon be using speed cameras in road work zones to attempt to crack down on lead footed drivers putting workers in danger. Legislation to install cameras in work zones has already passed the Senate and is waiting for the House to vote on sometime this fall.


Home Invaders Arrested in Erie

Two of the suspects are teenagers

Erie, PA –

In Erie one adult and two teenagers have been arrested and charged with crimes for a home invasion which happened at about 1130 yesterday morning. Matthew Sanders and two teens aged 15 and 17 were demanding money while they took turns holding a gun on the family that lived there, they stole a window mounted air conditioner. It’s been reported that EPD wishes to charge the 15 year old as an adult but he is currently being held in a juvenile facility.


Old Crawford County Jail to be Dismantled

By September the building should be no more

Meadville, PA –

In Meadville the Old Crawford County Jail is going to be demolished to make room for ground level parking by the courthouse and Judicial Center. The county plans to use some of the historic buildings materials and artifacts to preserve the memory but the plan calls for the structure to be completely gone by the end of September. Two other structures owned by the county will also be demolished around the same time to make room for a multistory parking garage.