News Live 365, July 25th, 2017

Vernon Township Boil Water Advisory Ends

The water is deemed safe for consumption after testing

Vernon Township, Crawford County, PA –

The Boil Water Advisory for Vernon Township is over and it is now safe to drink the water without needing to boil it first.  You can contact Don Henderson, Vernon Township’s Water System Operator at (814)720-4757 if you have any questions.


Demolition to Commence on Oil City Landmark

The building once dubbed the oldest Buick dealership in the world is being demolished after 119 years of use

Oil City, PA –

The Weaver Buick Garage built in 1898, will be demolished coming this August. The Weaver Buick Garage got its name from the Buick Dealership founded by CH Weaver in 1903 about five years after the building was constructed. CH Weaver was an early pioneer of the automobile and built the first car to ever drive the streets of Oil City boro. CH originally built the structure with the intent of starting a factory but could not raise enough capital for such a venture, undaunted he named the building Weaver Garage Company and began servicing and repairing cars, setting up one of the first service shops in the country.

In 1903 CH Weaver signed a contract with Buick to sell their automobiles and that business spanned four generations and lasted until 1992. In 1963 a letter from an executive at Buick declared that the company Weaver founded was the oldest Buick dealership in the world. The building has played host to other businesses including Oil City Automotive and RPM, it most recently played host to the Venango County Chamber of Commerce until May.


Man Severely Injured in Motorcycle Accident by ‘Phantom Car’

A phantom car is a car that causes an accident without directly contacting another vehicle and then flees the scene

Hickory Township, Forest County, PA –

A ‘phantom vehicle’ caused a Cambridge Springs man to be hospitalized after he lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown off of it and into the road. Ethan Myers was driving through Hickory Township on route 666 when a car partially pulled into his lane and caused him to lose control, the driver of the car continued onward despite what happened. Ethan was flown to UPMC Hamot by STAT Medevac.


New PA Driver’s License Debuts in August

The new license is not a REAL ID

Harrisburg, PA –

A new Pennsylvania driver’s license will be available starting August 9th. The new design which has improved security and enhanced features is being released after two years of redesigning, the new ID is not compliant with Federal REAL ID laws. Some of the new license will feature a larger primary portrait, 2D barcode, a laser perforated watermark, and an optically variable laminated exterior that displays three different designs based on the angle of the light hitting the card.


Truck and Car Collide with Houses in Cochranton

Authorities mark the sixth time a parked car was hit by a moving vehicle on that curve

Cochranton, PA –

Two cars crashed into two houses after a Sunday morning traffic accident near Cochranton. A dodge pickup collided with a parked car and pushed it into a house, the truck came to rest after hitting the porch of another house. The unidentified driver of the truck refused any medical treatment at the scene. This was the sixth of several similar incidents in the last two years.


Reports of Rowdy Amish Lead to Arrest

Spartansburg, PA –

A 19 year old Amish woman was arrested by Corry based state police troopers investigating an incident near Spartansburg. Troopers were responding to a report about Amish people throwing beer bottles at traffic, jumping from buggies, and sitting in the road way – she was drunk and in possession of beer but her name is not being released.