News Live 365 July 14th, 2017

Actions of Dead Driver and Passengers Called Heroic

The driver avoided several crashes after his SUV was stuck accelerating

Erie, PA –

Erie Police are calling the actions of a driver that crashed into a semi truck killing himself and his passengers heroic after reviewing video footage. News Live reported on Monday about a tragic car accident that killed three men after their SUV collided with semi tractor trailer on West 12th Street in Erie. It now appears that a mechanical issue with the SUV they were in caused it to continuously accelerate, the driver avoided colliding with other cars or buildings before hitting the semi trailer at a very high speed, the reported swerving driving was to avoid a collision with other motor vehicles. Oscar Johnson, Willie Byrd, and Charles Barnes were killed instantly in the impact from massive trauma.


No Plan to Make up Budget Deficit in Pennsylvania

The General Assembly has failed to provide any alternative means for the Governor’s plan to raise $2 billion

Harrisburg, PA –

Members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly have returned home without agreeing on any kind of plan to raise revenue for a $2 billion deficit faced this year. A $34 billion dollar budget became official Monday, down from a projected $36 billion but the state only has about $32 billion in revenue. In his original proposal Governor Tom Wolf had included several revenue streams including a shale gas tax and increased corporate tax rate but that portion of the budget was rejected by the House and Senate. Proposals within the assembly include privatizing and taxing liquor sales and a drastic expansion to legal gambling.


A Sixth Tornado Hit Clarion County

Clarion County has had a record number of tornadoes

Rimersburg, PA –

Clarion County is confirmed to have had its sixth tornado of this year alone, setting a record for one year once more. The National Weather Service confirmed a funnel cloud touched down in Toby Township on Tuesday at around 6:45pm and then dispersed only three minutes later.


University Tuition Increases

Even with an increase in cost many universities will remain the cheapest option for collegiate education

Harrisburg, PA –

Tuition fees for state run universities will be increasing by 3.5% for the 2017-2018 academic year. Tuition for a full time Pennsylvania resident will run an average of $7,492 a year, the increase will cover about half of a $72 million budget shortfall. Nonresident, undergraduate tuition also will increase by 3.5 percent beginning in the fall, ranging from $11,238 to $18,730 for the 2017-18 academic year.


Man Once Sentenced to Life Without Parole Could Be Eligible for Parole Someday

George Elliot was sentenced to life in 1975, and 50 years to life in 2017

Meadville, PA –

42 years ago George Elliot of Meadville was sentenced to life without parole after being convicted of murder at 17. He was resentenced earlier this week to 50 years to life thanks to the Supreme Court, which ruled mandatory life sentences for offenders younger than 18 was unconstitutional in 2012. The decision and resentencing means that Elliot, who is 60 years old, might be able to be released on parole within the next 10 years.


Trucker Killed after Clarion County Accident

No name nor reason for the accident have been revealed

Clarion County, PA –

The driver of an 18-wheeler died after crashing his rig into the woods off of Interstate 80 in Clarion County at about 1:45pm on Wednesday. The driver whose name is not being revealed died at Allegheny General Hospital at around 4am on Thursday.