Lilo Says: Keep Your Pets Safe During Travel

For your pet, car trips can be stressful and even dangerous. Lilo (and Sgt. Gregory Beveridge of the Meadville City Police Department) have some tips on keeping your pets safe when hitting the road for an adventure, be it near of far.

  • Invest in a pet seat belt harness or crate. Don’t allow your pet to ride unrestrained inside your car or outside in the bed of a truck. Sudden stopping and sharp turns can cause injury to pets.
  • Be careful how far down you roll the window. Dogs love to stick their heads out of a moving car’s window but this can be very dangerous and lead to eye injuries or blindness. Roll down the window just an inch or two.
  • Make sure your pet is properly licensed/identified. If your pet manages to get out and becomes lost, not having proper identification may make it much harder to get them back.