News Live 365 for July 10th, 2017

Three Killed in Horrific SUV vs Semi Collision

Charles Barnes, Willie Byrd, and Oscar Johnson were killed instantly

Erie, PA –

Oscar Johnson, Willie Byrd, and Charles Barnes; the names of three men killed in a violent car accident Friday afternoon in Erie. The Hyundai SUV they were occupying was sliced in half when it collided at a high rate of speed with a semi tractor trailer and it reportedly killed them all instantly. Lyell Cook is the Erie County Coroner and told reporters that they had to use the clothes the men were wearing to identify them because their injuries were too severe for identification using dental records and resembled something you would expect from a plane crash. EPD is investigating the accident but expects it to take a long time, they did not comment on who the driver of the SUV was.


Man Charged with Statutory Rape of 15 Year Old Family Member

Scott Anthony allegedly had Intercourse with his family member for 8 months

Meadville, PA –

On friday Scott Anthony was arrested and arraigned on charges of statutory sexual assault of a 15 year old girl in Meadville. It’s alleged that Anthony who is 31 had sexual contact with the girl, who is related to him, from November last year until the 26th of June. Anthony is being held at Crawford County Jail unless he can make $100,000 in bail. He has been charged with several felonies including three counts of statutory sexual assault against a child at least 11 years younger, corruption of minors, and one count of endangering the welfare of a child as a parent or guardian; Anthony is also charged with three misdemeanor accounts of indecent assault.


Two Missing Persons Found Over the Weekend

Samantha Coburn and a 17 year old girl were discovered after being reported missing in separate incidents

Northwest PA –

Two females reported missing in unrelated incidents last weekend were both located safely. A 17 year old Knox Girl identified as a runaway thursday was found early Friday morning and 21 year old Samantha Coburn of Franklin was found in Oil City hours after being declared missing.


Woman Injured in Rollover Crash

The identity of the woman is not released by police 

Meadville, PA –

The identity of a woman injured in a single car rollover crash in Meadville has not been released while authorities investigate the incident. The accident took place on Jefferson Street near the boundary line with West Meade shortly before 8pm sunday night and the woman is being treated in Meadville Medical Center. Further details on the crash are being withheld while MPD investigates.


New Electronic Devices Being Approved by Game Commission

Three different devices are under review by directors

Harrisburg, PA –

The bad news is hunting with electronic devices is highly regulated in Pennsylvania but the good news is the game commission has given preliminary approval for three new ones. The devices are an electronic scent blocker, waterfowl lure, and scent dispenser that could all be legal for use by 2019. The measure will be brought up again in September for final approval and a fourth device that works as a decoy for doves may also be added to the list. The review includes an investigation into the impact that the devices could have on conservation efforts, so far none have been identified.