News Live 365 for July 7th, 2017

Out of State Couple Wanted for Theft and Burglary

A West Virginia couple allegedly stole from Cherrytree couple

Cherrytree Township, Venango County, PA –

A West Virginia couple is wanted in Venango County for stealing  several items and a truck from a home in Cherrytree Township. Stormy Hite and Robert Starky are believed to have fled the state after their alleged crimes and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. They took off in a 2002 Dodge Dakota pickup after ransacking a home on Petroleum Center Road.


Thousands Could Lose Driving Privileges Under Act 165

Act 165 gives the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority the power to enforce debts with legal penalties

Harrisburg, PA –

If you have any overdue tolls from the a bridge or turnpike then you might want to pony up and pay them off soon, or lose your driving privileges.  Under act 165 the PA Turnpike Commission has the authority to suspend the car registrations for those who owe $500 or more in unpaid tolls. More than 10,000 drivers who owe a combined $17 million in unpaid tolls could be affected starting August 4th.

In order to help get as many people paying or on the road to paying the PTC is offering partial amnesty right now and will wave any extra fees or fines from overdue tolls and other invoices and even those who owe less than the $500 can take advantage of them. For more information on Act 165 and the PTC’s Amnesty Program you can go to their website.


Camo Cares Raises More than $100k for Charity

Camo cares helps wounded veterans and sick children and has raised more than $800 thousand since it began

Tionesta, PA –

The total is in and Fryburg Sportsman’s Club raised $132,000 for Charity with their Camo Cares event this year. Over the last eight years Camo Cares has raised nearly $840,000 to help fund hundreds of dream hunting trips for wounded veterans and children suffering from deadly illnesses. Once in a lifetime adventures are paid for by the money raised during the Camo Cares event which is done in conjunction with Wired Outdoors. During this years event there was live music, raffles, and an archery competition; participants won thousands of dollars worth of prizes.


Grandmother Charged with Child Endangerment after Shaming Grandson

A six year old child was being punished for thinking peeing his pants was funny

Brookville, PA –

Rebecca Martz of Brookeville is charged with child endangerment stemming from an incident in June where she attempted to punish her grandson for peeing his pants.The boy who is six years old was made to wear nothing but a sign and a diaper while standing by the road near Giant Eagle in Brookville.The sign read ” My name is *omitted* I am six-years-old, I peed my pants and thought it was funny. So, my grandma put a diaper on me.”

The boy stood near the roadway with the sign in the sun for about an hour before Brookville PD’s Officer Turnbull took the boy into protective custody and called CYS. Turnbull also requested the boy’s clothing from Martz multiple times but she refused. When asked about the shaming Martz allegedly told the officer “Ask any judge. They give these punishments all the time.”


Seneca Man Still Missing

William Ward disappeared on June 28th

Steuben Township, Crawford County, PA –

William John Ward of Seneca has been missing since June 28th. He was last seen in Steuben Township Crawford County heading for the Titusville walmart. William is 5’10 and weighs about 160 pounds, with a blue and green tribal tattoo on his upper right bicep and on his left wrist with the date 7-3-14. He has a medical condition and is not taking his medication. If you may have seen William call the Franklin State Police (814)676-6596.