News Live 365 for July 6th, 2017

Karen LeClair Confirmed Dead

Karen’s body was found in Lake Erie off the coast of New York

Buffalo, NY –

More details in the Leclair murder case. It was confirmed yesterday in Buffalo New York that the body discovered in Lake Erie off the coast of Dunkirk New York was in fact Karen Leclair. Karen had been missing for nearly an entire month when the body was discovered on July 4th, her husband Christopher is accused of killing her. State Police have also charged Mr. Leclair’s father Ernest Leclair in relation to the crime; it’s alleged the elder Leclair tampered with evidence but there are no details available on that investigation.

No cause of death has been revealed for Mrs. Leclair as of yet but her husband still sits in Erie County Prison on charges of murder. No bail was set because of the nature of his suspected crimes which could become a case of first degree murder.


Elder Man’s Bail Set at Half Million for Attempted Murder

Dennis Reesman attacked another man with a rifle on Independence Day

Rimersburg, PA –

A 60 year old man had his bail set at $500,000 dollars after being charged with attempted murder in Rimersburg. Dennis Reesman allegedly fired one shot from a rifle at Donald Thorpe, also in his sixties, while the man was at home before fleeing the scene and leaving his weapon behind. Police reports indicate that Reesman and Thorpe ended up in a struggle for the firearm and Thorpe managed to take the weapon away from his alleged assailant. 


Woman Hit by Car While Heading Toward House Fire

Dominique Goodman’s home was burning

Erie, PA –

In Erie a woman was hospitalized after being hit by a car as she ran across the street to a house fire wednesday afternoon. Dominique Guzman had dashed out of her own car and toward the house she lived in which had a fire in the rear, the driver who hit her is fully cooperating with authorities.


Man Dead, Woman Injured in Crash Outside Courthouse

The car crashed was cause by a medical issue

A driver, Joe Hall, is dead and a pedestrian, Alyssa Garverick, is injured after a car crash outside Clarion County Courthouse. It’s said that Hall who was 72 years old suddenly slumped over in his car, colliding with a vehicle driven by Chuck Pence, and then spun out and collided with Garverick and a pole. Joe’s wife Mary Hall said that while she was riding with her husband the car suddenly began to accelerate and she looked over to see her husband slumped against the wheel, unable to do anything. She said she braced for impact.

Hall was taken out of the vehicle by a Craig Needham who was a witness too the scene and who also tried to save the man using CPR. Joe died later in the hospital. Mary Hall was unharmed as was Chuck Pence and Alyssa Garverick was able to escape with only some bruises and abrasions.