Tri County Report For July 5th, 2017

Former Ambridge Superintendent Cynthia Zurchin is suing the district.  Zurchin filed the paperwork last month claiming she was forced to resign after a hostile work environment caused her to have “stroke-like symptoms.” Zurchin says she received nine violent threats and was eventually forced out of her position.  She was superintendent from 2013 to 2015 and retired after eleven months of sick leave.

Officials are confirming that West Nile virus has been found in a Beaver County mosquito sample.  The sample was collected last month in Brighton Township.  West Nile has been found in 15 Pennsylvania counties this summer.

A man is facing charges in connection to a shooting in Muddy Creek Township. State Police in Butler county report Paul Harper allegedly went to Chris Galbreath’s home Monday and fired multiple shots at him when he answered the door.  Police say Harper was mad because he sold Galbreath a car, which Galbreath is now selling for more money.  Galbreath was shot in the arm but is expected to recover.

The Turnpike Commission is warning people about a scam involving its E-Z Pass system. The commission says an email is being sent to victims claiming they owe toll money.  The victims are then given a link to update their credit card information. People are being advised not to open the email, click the link or respond.

State legislators are meeting again today to try to come up with a solution to a projected two-billion dollar budget deficit.  Lawmakers passed a 32-billion-dollar budget last week, with no specific plan to pay for it.  A meeting was held Monday as well, but no significant progress was made.

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday signed the Stolen Valor Act into law, making it a crime for a person who hasn’t served in the military to impersonate a service member or claim to be a veteran. John Getz, state adjutant of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Pennsylvania, said the legislation’s title is apt and the legislation is warranted to punish impersonators who try to benefit from pretending to be a veteran. Previously, lying about military service was not illegal in Pennsylvania.

A woman is facing multiple charges following an incident in Westmoreland County. Police found Audra Divittorio slouched over on the steps of a Victoria Avenue home next to a glass pipe on Sunday.  She also had a bag containing two loaded guns.  Officers took her to the New Kensington police station and while she was being searched, guards saw her trying to swallow heroin packets.  She also had drugs hidden in her bra.

An Enon Valley business has been cited by state liquor officials for two alleged violations. According to the New Castle News The Pennsylvania Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement cited the Enon Valley Inn, on Main St,  for possessing or operating gambling devices or paraphernalia or permitting gambling or lotteries, poolselling and/or bookmaking on their licensed premises back on March 13th and for failing to maintain complete and truthful records covering the operation of the licensed business for a two-year period preceding March 13. If found guilty fines from $50 to $5,000 and a license suspension or revocation as well as mandated training for the licensee.